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MailBook Publishing has been trading for over 20 years, in that time its has been involved with printing, artwork, publishing and the internet.


MailBook Print

Involved in printing from letterheads to high-quality magazines and prestigious annual reports.


MailBook Artwork

We have over the years produced artwork for other publishers ranging from high-quality handbooks to free newspapers.


MailBook Publishing

We have published quarterly magazines, short run A5 books and many other items.


MailBook Web

Has been involved in the World Wide Web since 1997. The internet has become so much a part of our life that it has added words to our dictionaries - Googling - for one. Who of us does not automatically log on to Google to find that bit of inform we require. From quizzes on the tv, to where to find a supplier for that precious item we need. That is most compeling reason that you should have a presence on the world wide web. MailBook Publishing can help you achieve this, from a simple single page Business Card website, to a massive database driven web site.

Business Card Site

2 pages plus 2 emails

£80 per year

Extra Pages

£20 per page

per year


for further information contact

0151 423 6012